Shower bombs

The bath bomb for shower lovers

Lavender shower bombs

Experience a spa at home

Create a little moment of relaxation with a melting lavender tablet, perfect to escape from daily stress, to unwind and to put yourself in relaxation mode. Lavender is known for its many virtues and this tablet will gently dissolve during the shower, releasing its wonderful natural fragrance into the shower.

Simply place the bomb on the floor of the shower away from direct water flow to ensure it lasts for as long as your shower.

This "shower bomb" is the equivalent of a bath bomb.

Eucalyptus shower bombs

A bath bomb for the shower

Our shower bombs do not contain oil or butter. They are designed for shower lovers and create the effect of a hammam spa in you very own shower.

The eucalyptus fragrance is well known for its decongesting and relaxing properties and it can help relieve the stress of a busy day. You will feel like you are breathing easier after a steam shower with this bomb.

Lemon shower bombs

An invigorating melting lemon bomb!

What better way to start Saturday morning and a beautiful weekend. Place a tablet of this wonderful fragrance on your shower floor. It will gently dissolve in the water and its invigorating fragrance will infuse your bathroom.

Just like a bath bomb, our "shower bombs" are a great way to create a spa-like experience in your own shower.

How do I use the shower bomb?

Place the bomb on the shower floor near, but not directly under, the water stream. This will allow the bomb to gently dissolve throughout the shower. The natural fragrance evaporates with the steam and gives you a relaxing aromatic experience that will last long after the shower.

This melting tablet is designed for use in the shower and should not be used in the bath. The bombs do not contain any products that could harm your home's septic tank or plumbing.

Ingredients: Baking soda, natural fragrance & essential oils, clays, citric acid